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Holly's Story

Holly was diagnosed with MS in October 2019, when she was just 21 years old. However, she had started experiencing symptoms almost two years prior to that, in 2017, the night before her 20th birthday.

In the first conversations about the possibility of an MS diagnosis, Holly described the feeling of complete fear. “I was frightened, extremely scared and overall, very confused as to why this was happening to me all before my 20th birthday.”

However, Holly says that when her neurologist said: ‘you tick the boxes for a MS diagnosis’ it was actually a relief. “It was a relief because there was finally a conclusive reason and answer to why I was feeling the way I was, and why my body was behaving the way it was.”

With her diagnosis confirmed, Holly then had the opportunity to get the treatment she needed to continue enjoying her life. While she’s still fearful of the unknown, she tries not to let these thoughts cloud her head, as they aren’t something that she can control.

“What I can control is how I choose to spend the years ahead” she says.

Holly experiences vision-based issues and occasional muscle weakness. She also experiences pins and needles in her left leg, that have become part of her daily life, and something she’s learnt to live with.

“MS Queensland really helped me in the beginning of my MS journey when I was seeking out information and resources that I knew were reliable. They also helped me realise that there are so many other people out there living with this disease, and that there are many communities and groups specifically created for people with MS. It made me feel less alone knowing that MS Queensland was a central hub where I could connect with others, as well as access a variety of resources.”

Your support of the MS Limited Edition Exclusive Club Draws helps MS Queensland to deliver a number of vital services to the 3,970 people in Queensland, living with MS. Services like accommodation and respite; physiotherapy and exercise therapy; immunotherapy and nursing support; counselling; information and education resources, workshops and webinars; and regional service coordination.