My name is Paul. I am 60 years of age. I’ve been married for 40 years, have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I live in Toowoomba.

I was diagnosed in 2020.

I was working full time as a delivery driver for over 20 years. I had symptoms of fatigue, balance issues, heat/humidity intolerance and brain fog, but was not aware why I was like this for many years.

This was at least 10 years and more prior to diagnosis.

I told close family and I was actually relieved to know there was a reason for all my symptoms.

The GP and Neurologist told me I probably will never be able to work in the transport Industry again. I did not have the focus and stamina to be effective in my job and having short term memory loss was major in making the deliveries correctly and punctually. The Neurologist also said from the MRI, that I have had MS for quite sometime.

Immediately I thought, How are we going to pay the bills? What is my future? Is my quality of life going to deteriorate quickly? Where from here for support etc?

My biggest symptoms are balance issues, fatigue, burning of the feet which causes insomnia and brain fog. Usually gets worse in hot/humid weather.

Biggest changes: not being physically active as I always was working either at work or at home with projects. Having to cease work and being frustrated of how I was and how I am now. This is a daily challenge for me as I expect more of myself.

My Neurologist recommended contacting MS QLD for support and guidance.

My Neurologist and MS QLD recommended I start the NDIS process.

My journey with NDIS has been so supportive. Josh my Physiotherapist is helping me understand what my body can and can’t do, knowing I have the support from him with MS QLD.

To the donors: Your support is so important to help all of us with our individual journey to have the guidance we need in our MS fight. Helping the research team in finding ways to fight MS is so important to me.

MS is a hidden disease. From my own personal experience, my difficulty in walking led to strangers thinking I was drunk. No, I have MS so don’t judge others that you have no idea what they are suffering and living with on a daily basis.

MS has taught me it’s something I can deal with; it’s made me stronger to fight the “speed bumps” my body is creating. I am so lucky to have family support who remind daily to embrace each day and acknowledge something positive.

My support is definitely my loving wife of 40 years, and my 2 daughters who are working in the medical and disability industry.

To the newly diagnosed, Don’t give up. Even if you don’t have strong family and friends for support, MS Qld is a wonderful caring agency that will guide you through the uncertainty’s, support available and just someone to talk to who makes it easier to get through each day.

Sadly, there has been a 40% increase in MS cases in the past 4 years with now 5,535 Queenslanders living with MS.
Every ticket sold helps to deliver support and services and powers MS research so one day we can all live in a world free from MS. We are getting better at understanding how to treat and potentially cure MS, but in the interim, more people and families need your support.

Nursing support, NeuroAssist helpline, NeuroConnect our NDIS access program, specialist disability accommodation intake support, wellness programs, education, and information for people living with MS and other neurological conditions are 100% funded by you.

Without you, these services would not be able to continue. Thank you!